Apple Announces Apple TV 4K (Expected South Africa pricing)

Apple today announced the “Apple TV 4K” during its keynote at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. Eddy Cue introduced the device, explaining that the new set-top box has “4K HDR,” which will deliver high-quality video content for users to watch. This even includes advancements to the Apple TV’s user interface and text fonts.

Apple Announces Apple TV 4K (Expected South Africa pricing)

The company played a clip from Spider-Man: Homecoming to show off the included A10X chip, the same chip that’s in the iPad Pro that has 4x faster graphics and 2x faster CPU performance. Cue said that the price of 4K HDR movies on iTunes will be the same price as HD movies, and if you’ve already purchased eligible HD movies you’ll get the 4K versions for no extra charge.

Apple TV 4K should be available in South Africa during the course of October 2017.

You can expect to pay R3 999 for the 32GB capacity or R4 499 for the 64GB option.

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