Nissan launches the new electric Leaf

Nissan launches the new electric Leaf

Nissan on Wednesday introduced the new Nissan Leaf, the next evolution of its zero-emission electric vehicle.

The Nissan Leaf has been completely reinvented, combining greater driving range with a new design and advanced technologies.

“The new Nissan LEAF, with its improved range, combined with the evolution of autonomous drive technology such as ProPILOT Park, and the simple operation of the e-Pedal, strengthens Nissan’s EV leadership as well as the expansion of EVs globally. It also has core strengths that will be embodied by future Nissan models,” said Hiroto Saikawa, president and chief executive officer of Nissan.

The new Leaf offers a range of 400km, allowing drivers to enjoy a longer journey. The new e-powertrain gives the new Nissan Leaf 110kW of power output and 320 Nm of torque, improving acceleration.

Charging time (normal charging):

  • 16 hours (3 kW);
  • 8 hours (6 kW);

Charging time from alert to 80%  – quick charging – is 40 minutes, Nissan said.

The new Leaf also features ProPILOT autonomous drive technology, used during single-lane driving on the highway, and ProPILOT Park, which when activated, takes control of steering, acceleration, braking, shift-changing and the parking brake to automatically guide it into a parking spot.

New e-Pedal technology lets drivers start, accelerate, decelerate and stop by increasing or decreasing the pressure applied to the accelerator. When the accelerator is fully released, regenerative and friction brakes are applied automatically, bringing the car to a complete stop.

The car holds its position, even on steep uphill slopes, until the accelerator is pressed again.

The new Nissan Leaf will go on sale on 2 October in Japan. The model is slated for deliveries in January 2018 in the US, Canada and Europe. It will be sold in more than 60 markets worldwide.

Nissan said it will also offer a version with more power and longer range at a higher price in 2018 (timing may vary by market).

Nissan launches the new electric Leaf

Nissan launches the new electric Leaf

Nissan launches the new electric Leaf

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